Smile Bank

I have been with Smile for a long time. And after their latest refresh of the site, it struck me how much I was struggling with it. There were a number of areas I felt could be improved:

  1. the overall design is inconsistent with various elements either disappearing or not being positioned as expected.
  2. The login process is at least one stage longer than it needs to be.
  3. Once logged in, the layout of the accounts & how to navigate through them along with the IA and duplicated buttons just adds to the confusion

So I conducted a UX review, wireframing the existing process for logging in and moving money, noting where I felt it wasn't working, and then reworking a recommended solution.

Usability issues

Smile Bank, usability issues: username login
  1. The isolated ‘Help’ button seems disassociated from the help links below the checkbox
  2. Overall look and feel is very light, with little to lead the eye
  3. Next button is disassociated with the input field and check box
Smile Bank, usability issues: password login
Smile Bank, usability issues: confirmation
Smile Bank, usability issues: logged in
  1. The navigation for account selection is unnecessarily complex. Why have a choice of view? In 'carousel' view it is unclear that the greyed out secondary account is selectable
  2. 'Move Money' and 'Products' - which are key services - are easily missed due to not being buttons or feeling integrated into the account management section
  3. The footer feels unfriendly and would benefit from some icons, colour or some copy tweaks
Smile Bank, usability issues: select account
Smile Bank, usability issues: account selected
  1. The Current account area feels lost / undefined / floating
  2. Account actions seem to also be floating and ‘Move money’ is listed twice. I don't understand what the chevron to the left of Account actions relates to
  3. It would be interesting to know from user feedback if users like to see their IBAN and BIC details listed in the summary, or whether more typically useful information would be better placed there
Smile Bank, usability issues: move money
  1. My main issue with this screen is to wonder where the top navigation bar has gone? The design has reverted to the login screens so now I have lost some confidence that a) everything is ok and b) do I really have to use that discreet 'Back' button?
  2. Again, the buttons at the bottom are disassociated from each other


Smile Bank, recommendation: username login
  1. I have used colour, to help lift the page and differentiate between the input section, and help area
  2. The Next button now sits with the input box
  3. Help is now all moved to the bottom
Smile Bank, recommendation: password login
Smile Bank, recommendation: logged in
  1. A simplified navigation for account selection removing the carousel & list view choice
  2. Additional account management options are now accessed via clearly defined buttons, integrated into the account management area which is defined with a light grey background
  3. A reworked footer which is much more closely aligned with the non-logged in sitewide footer while incorporating help for users at the top
Smile Bank, recommendation: account overview
  1. A simplified design using colour and borders to group content
  2. Account services now contained within one dropdown button
  3. With account services now moved, the account info has more room for the key info to be displayed
Smile Bank, recommendation: account services
Smile Bank, recommendation: move money
  1. The top nav is now retained for consistency
  2. Buttons are now positioned next to each other below the input fields